Sardines Anyone?

I could have gone the rest of my life with never trying a single bite of sardine. The stench alone is enough to send me into hiding. Who would have known that it could been the answer to all my hopes and dreams… well nutritionally speaking… Ha! Living with a cow, goat, and soy intolerance is challenging when it comes to options for getting enough calcium. I find myself craving cheese and dairy like crazy (and having to live with the consequences of giving in) because my body was most likely in a constant state of calcium deficiency. Now that i have two children who also have trouble digesting dairy, its become much more important to me to find a healthy calcium replacement. This is where Sardines come into play!

Maybe you love em’ maybe you hate em’. I’ve been converted into the mythical inbetween camp, semi enjoyment.

After lamenting to a nutritionist about my calcium woes, she suggested sardines, to which i replied… BLECH! She assured me they come packed in all different flavored oils that make them more tolerable to eat. She suggested Wild Planet sardines packed in lemon infused olive oil


It helps alot that they are lightly smoked!

I also enjoy this brand

There are about 4 decent sized sardines in each tin and if i remember correctly both brands are around $3.50 each.

I held my breath nearly the entire time i first prepared them. Before ever tasting, i split them easily down the middle and removed the spine transferring the deboned fish to a bowl for mashing. I then threw every spice known to mankind in with it, including;

Smoked paprika, lemon pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and more pepper. Then i squeezed half a lemon over the top, i dont think you could ever use too much lemon here, and finished with a couple dollops of mayo. After mashing till the cows came home i was ready to dip a rice cracker in and try.

The result? completely tolerable!

I enjoy this sardine salad about as much as i enjoy tuna salad and try to eat it at least 3 times a week for lunch with my children. I felt like i won the lottery when i first nonchalantly set a bowl of the sardine salad with crackers infront of them and watched them blithely dig in.

Chopped celery and chopped carrot mixed in make this salad even more enjoyable and a healthy kids lunch recipe.


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