A bigger dream for my family.

by taking just a single step out the door, i am immediatly immersed in the breathtaking set of nature. The mountains in the distance, the hills at their feet, and the assortment of wild native plants surrounding me, content in their natural habitat. Although i may live in a house filled with Tvs, microwaves, led lights and plastic toys, i still feel connected to the naturescape around me. My heart and soul are filled with just one deep breath of the fresh mountain air. Feeling the dirt between my fingers is like shaking an old friends hand. Watching little wildflowers pop up in time of their own seasons gives me a sense of harmony and peace. I feel complete in the midst of nature. I am a part of nature, and the closer i bring myself to it, the more at peace i feel. Its not a strange magic, its a returning journey from a far removed generation.

Nature has so much to offer. it has everything to offer. we have the power to take and the responsibility to give back equally. Now adays we are so removed from this process. Eating meat and vegetables has nothing to do with living a harmonious life with nature anymore. Its very far removed.

My goal is to pursue a healthy, happy life for my family, with just the tools nature supplies us.

Itll be a long journey from where we’re starting out, and im excited to eperience the transformation!

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